What are the precautions for using oil heater

1. When using such products, they should be placed vertically. As we all know, it heats the surrounding heat transfer oil through the heating tube below, which makes the indoor temperature rise. If placed upside down, horizontally or obliquely, it will cause empty burning and heat pipe burning out. Please pay attention to these details when placing.

2. In some rainy seasons, many people like to put half dry clothes on the heating equipment. Do not cover the heater with a quilt, which will easily affect heat dissipation, damage clothes and cause unnecessary losses. Pay attention to these details when using, don't cause big trouble, because it's easy to save trouble.

3. In many people's subconscious, they will think that this product will be moved to the bathroom because of the waterproof plastic cover at the switch. This is wrong. The bathroom can't be heated. Its waterproof and splash proof is not waterproof steam. If it's used in the bathroom, it's very dangerous.